The White City (Valkoinen kaupunki)

A brilliant novel by Anni Nupponen is set in 2040’s. The world is frozen due to an ecological catastrophe and the sun is permanently behind the clouds. The book is set in three of the surviving cities. Nueva Arica, also known as White City, is built above the huge caves called Hearth. Near them, above the sea, is the futuristic technocity Huertapolis (also called Edge).

The protagonist Sonja Maru lives in White City. She’s the only child of the famous painter Sasha Maru. Sonja knows the whereabouts of her father’s most famous mural, the Sun Disk. With the help of the smuggler and criminal Ishi Romanoff, Sonja sells her late father’s work to the powerful businesswoman Thea Adducci.

An English sample translation and synopsis are available.

“Nupponen creates a compelling image of a world controlled by frost and the melancholy zeitgeist created by the environmental destruction.” (Toni Jerrman, Helsingin Sanomat)