Jenna Kostet

Kuva: Hannes Merisaari

Jenna Kostet (b. 1984) is a Finnish writer who enjoys getting lost in the forest. She has studied ethnology and folkloristic in Turku University. Finnish mythology and nature plays great role in her novels as do emotions and relationships, loneliness, and feeling different from others. She is well-versed in the imagery of Finnish nature, folklore, and history.

Her first young adult novel ”Lautturi” (Robustos 2014) won Blogistanian Kuopus award and was nominated for Kuvastaja award. Her novel ”Pikimusta, sysipimeä” (Pitch Black, Dark as Coal) is a story about women, solitude and independence. It was nominated for Tiiliskivi award.

She loves small horses, knitting socks, salty liquorice, and good stories. While not writing, she is working in the 13th century castle. She lives between the forest and the city in small, yellow house with her husband and dog