J.S. Meresmaa

J.S. Meresmaa (b. 1983) is a Finnish author who writes science fiction, fantasy and other speculative fiction. Her latest work, steampunk novella ”Naakkamestari” (The Jackdaw Master) won a competition by a publisher Robustos. The story is set in an alternate history Tampere, in year 1900 when Finland was under Russian rule. ”The Jackdaw Master” is a beginning of a trilogy ”The Ursine Affairs”, and it has gotten glowing reviews from critics and readers alike.
In addition to ”The Jackdaw Master”, Meresmaa has written an epic fantasy series ”Mifonki” which tells the story of two families whose fates become intertwined in unconventional ways by love, magic and trial. ”Mifonki” series consists of six parts and has faithful fans in Finland.
Her back-list also includes a fantasy novella trilogy ”Keskilinnan ritarit” (The Knights of the Mid-Castle), and her short stories have been published in numerous anthologies and magazines. Being a steampunk aficionado, she has worked as an co-editor of the first steampunk anthologies published in Finland.
The main themes in Meresmaa’s texts are love, power structures between individuals as well as between societies, and empowerment of those who belong to minorities or lower rungs in hierarchy. She has a talent of bringing fictional characters to life, and a keen sense of great plot twists. She is an incurable romantic, but never shies away from doing the ground work to get the stories’ facts right. Imagination, open-mindedness and curiosity together with intuition drive her as a storyteller.



1st prize in novella
competition by Robustos Publishing (”The Jackdaw Master”)

Nominated for:

Anni Polva Award
Kuvastaja Award
Atorox Award


Short story translations:

”Tears for the Sea”, Usva International 2015
”Sueños que entristecen las mañanas”, Luces del Norte 2016
”Forever, as Always”, Finnish Weird #4, 2017
”The Heart That Beats In a Dream”, Never Stop – Finnish Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories (8/2017)