J. S. Meresmaa: Twilight Rays (Hämäränsäteet)

”True bravery is daring to try even though you’re afraid.”
Espionage, alternate history, and an animistic spirit world in early twentieth-century Finland.
Säde and Anttoni, two young Ursines, use false papers to travel to Imatra in eastern Finland. A new hotel has just opened there—a handsome, castlelike stone building named the Grand Hôtel Cascade. The Jackdaw Master has gotten wind of an important meeting that will take place there between the Finnish-minded Fennomans and the Karelians. Finland is under Russian control, but there are rumors of a plan to establish a federation of the Finnish and Karelian Grand Duchies that would be independent of Russia. The outcome of the meeting between the Fennomans and the Karelians could be pivotal for the fate of the Ursine people.
Things take an unexpected turn when a third party enters the meeting.
Soon Säde and Anttoni face setbacks and hardships that jeopardize the mission. Inexperienced in field work, they find themselves in the thick of it. Will the Jackdaw Master be able to send them help in time?
Out in May 2018!