In August I Die (Elokuussa minä kuolen)

Alma, a girl going on her summer vacation, soon entering seventh grade, knows she is cursed. Dear grandmother Baba has died, and the strange pearls inherited from her predict how many days Alma has left to live. But before that, summer is here. Alma must say goodbye to all her loved ones. However, there are not many of them. The wait for death is interrupted when the mysterious Mia moves in next door, and takes Alma on adventures in the land of Roots. Alma also finds another friend, Kuura. Of course, things start to get interesting right when Alma is supposed to die. How typical. But something evil is afoot, and it’s not going to stay underground. Alma must overcome her fear in order to save her friends, who are suddenly waiting in line.

 The novel is aimed at young people aged 12–15. It combines horror and fantasy, especially Finnish folklore.