Filigree Girl (Filigraanityttö)

“Filigree Girl” is a story about a child’s OCD. Young Enni has a secret: she has the power to protect all her loved ones. But the power is also a curse, as Enni constantly hears the warnings of the Alerter, and if she doesn’t turn her ring and repeat in her mind the magic words “Nothing-Bad-Happens”, everyone will be in danger. One day she meets a boy who does things that seem familiar to Enni. Could someone else have an Alerter, too?

“Holopainen’s book is skilfully written. It has a strong and impactful topic that is treated in a way that is accessible for young readers.”
Marja Welin/ Keskisuomalainen

“Holopainen builds the novel using dense trails of thought and sense perceptions. The book is full of scents, colours, and details.”

– Marika Riikonen/ Hämeen Sanomat