EEK! 1: Monster mobile (IIK 1: Kauhukännykkä)

(IIK! 1: Kauhukännykkä)

Saku and Sussa are twins and also best friends. One day Saku finds a strange cell phone, but the class bully Ville takes it from him. Saku can’t stop thinking about the phone, but when the twins notice that Ville is changing into something even more sinister than before, they realise the phone is not an ordinary appliance.

When Ville disappears and the twins’ little sister Siiri finds a phone very similar to the one Ville had, Saku and Sussa must take action to save her. What horrible secrets does the phone hold?

The EEK! series is inspired by adults’ horror classics adapted for children by author Anu Holopainen. The first book, “Monster Mobile”, introduces the lore of Japanese technology ghosts.

An English sample translation is available.

“Holopainen’s straightforward story is exciting and compelling. The characters feel alive and real, and the moderate length makes it easier for also a less experienced reader to grab this book.” – Merja Leppälahti/ Onnimanni, The Finnish Institute for Children’s Literature