Kirsti Kuronen


“I love playing, games, bad jokes and silly things. I never want to get cynical. I’m a fake adult, and happy about that.”

Kirsti Kuronen (b. 1966) is a versatiled Finnish author who has written more than 20 novels and poetry books, mainly for young people. She started her career with popular series of books for pre-teens and children. Most of her books are realistic with a little odd twist. Her main themes are pains and joys of growing up. Kuronen writes catchy dialogues. She admires her characters, and has a special skill to dive right into their emotions.
Finnish nature plays a big role in all of Kuronen’s books. The forest, where she goes every day for a walk, is the best source of inspiration for her.
Topelius Prize winner “Piruettiystävyys” (Pirouette Friends) is a youth novel about 14-year-old Elli’s pressures to excel in ballet, school, within her friends, and at home. Elli’s friend Margot is the mystery of the story, she is perfect in everything – but is she real?

“Paha puuska” (Bad Patch) is a verse novel that deals with the subject of suicide. The story is told by a teenaged girl, Hilla, whose younger brother, Lauri, walks under the train. Hilla tries to find a reason for her brother’s incomprehensible act. Was brother’s suicide her fault? Did Lauri really want to die? Did it happen in a moment of sudden anger? Was it just a terrible mistake? The novel’s short verses are full of pain, but also glimpses of hope and comfort. “Bad Patch” was chosen to IBBY’s Honour List 2016.