Creatures from the Dusk (Hämärtäjät)

Joona and Lari are twins. One day their mother goes on a business trip. Their neighbour is going to take care of the twins, but she is not at their home all the time. Joona has an interesting video game going on, so he doesn’t notice when his twin sister simply disappears!

Bad omens are gathering, especially near the old museum in their neighbourhood. What are those odd, flying creatures blinking behind the windows?

Despite everything, Joona is going to find his twin sister with the help of Topi, his best friend. The boys are also preparing for their first airsoft game. And what a game it will be!

“Creatures from the Dusk” is an exciting middle grade book. There are certainly some horror elements, but the book is not too scary. The talented young artist Broci has illustrated this 117-page book.


“This is a book that children who don’t read a lot will definitely read.”
The blog Kirjakaapin avain, Finland