Bad Patch (Paha puuska)

“Bad Patch” is a verse novel that deals with the topics of suicide and grief. The story is told by Hilla, a teenaged girl whose younger brother jumped in front of a train. She tries to find a reason for her brother’s incomprehensible act. Was his suicide her fault? Did her brother really want to die, or was it just a terrible mistake? The novel’s short verses are full of pain, but also glimpses of hope and comfort. Hilla’s brother will never die in his sister’s memories. 

“Bad Patch” was selected for the IBBY Honour List with stunning reviews, and received the Tampere City Literature Prize. “This book touches, moves, and leaves you speechless.” (Aamulehti newspaper, Finland)

A synopsis and an English sample are available.


”Kirsti Kuronen’s latest book is a combination of a novel and a poem. It tells the story of Hilla, whose younger brother, Lauri, has killed himself by laying down on the tracks and letting a train run over him. Hilla cannot understand why, as neither a message nor any apparent reason is found. Hilla continues to have imaginary conversations with Lauri on a rock where they used to sit together and talk about things. She tries to find a reason for Lauri’s actions as she processes the death of her brother. With no suicide note it feels like an accident, but Hilla cannot get her head around his death.”

– Suvi Oksanen, IBBY Finland