Anni Nupponen

Anni Nupponen (b. 1981) writes various genres of speculative fiction. They write about war and use of power, but tales of love and compassion as well. Nupponen’s stories provide no easy answer rather than raise question ”what if?” They are inspired by fairy tales, creation stories and long-lost secrets.

Nupponen has published four novels and two collections of short stories. Their work has been published in anthologies and magazines. They’ve won the Kuvastaja award for the best Finnish fantasy novel in 2008 and Atorox award for the best science fiction of fantasy short story in 2012. Their short stories have been translated into English, Estonian, Swedish, French and Spanish.

Their latest novel Valkoinen kaupunki (”White City”) is set up in 2040’s. The world is frozen due to an ecological catastrophe. The main character Sonja Maru tries to survive by selling the artwork of her late father. The novel is a story about testing one’s limits, finding yourself and being true to yourself.

Nupponen lives with three cats in Tampere, Finland