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The White City (Valkoinen kaupunki)

A brilliant novel by Anni Nupponen is set in 2040’s. The world is frozen due to an ecological catastrophe and the sun is permanently behind the clouds. The book is set in three of the surviving cities. Nueva Arica, also known as White City, is built above the huge caves called Hearth. Near them, above […]

Anni Nupponen

Anni Nupponen (b. 1981) writes various genres of speculative fiction. They write about war and use of power, but tales of love and compassion as well. Nupponen’s stories provide no easy answer rather than raise question ”what if?” They are inspired by fairy tales, creation stories and long-lost secrets. Nupponen has published four novels and […]

The Will Upon All Flesh (Kaikessa lihassa on tahto)

A new short story collection from Atorox- and Kuvastaja-award winning Jenny Kangasvuo! Stories show how bodies change, sexualities alternate and how death can come in many forms. Corporeality and queerness are inherent all Kangasvuo’s stories. English sample story Chasing Digital Shadows available. To be published by Osuuskumma in spring 2024 Genre: queer fantasy and science fiction, Finnish […]

Jenny Kangasvuo

Jenny Kangasvuo (b. 1975) is a writer and cultural anthro- pologist who lives in Oulu. Her literary production draws on speculative genres of fiction and is characterized by a slightly different view of reality. In Kangasvuo’s works, water-nymphs from the Kalevala, space explorers, and ancient sages live their daily lives. Her short stories have won […]

Anu Holopainen

 Anu Holopainen’s first novel Kristallien valtakunta (“Kingdom of Crystals”) was published in 1996, and since then she has published over 20 novels and short stories. Her dystopian young adult novel Molemmin jaloin (“On Both Feet”) was a candidate for the Finlandia Junior Prize in 2006, and her feminist fantasy series Syysmaa (“Autumnland”) received the Kuvastaja […]

EEK! 1: Monster mobile (IIK 1: Kauhukännykkä)

(IIK! 1: Kauhukännykkä) Saku and Sussa are twins and also best friends. One day Saku finds a strange cell phone, but the class bully Ville takes it from him. Saku can’t stop thinking about the phone, but when the twins notice that Ville is changing into something even more sinister than before, they realise the […]

Filigree Girl (Filigraanityttö)

“Filigree Girl” is a story about a child’s OCD. Young Enni has a secret: she has the power to protect all her loved ones. But the power is also a curse, as Enni constantly hears the warnings of the Alerter, and if she doesn’t turn her ring and repeat in her mind the magic words […]

Anne Leinonen

 Anne Leinonen (b.1973) is a multiple-award winning prominent author, tutor, and editor of Finnish science fiction and fantasy. Her short stories have been published in magazines and anthologies and they have won several Atorox awards (voted for by the fandom). She moves fluently between science fiction and fantasy. Her texts deal with themes of otherness […]

In August I Die (Elokuussa minä kuolen)

Alma, a girl going on her summer vacation, soon entering seventh grade, knows she is cursed. Dear grandmother Baba has died, and the strange pearls inherited from her predict how many days Alma has left to live. But before that, summer is here. Alma must say goodbye to all her loved ones. However, there are […]

Jenna Kostet

Jenna Kostet (b. 1984) is a Finnish writer who enjoys getting lost in the forest. She has studied ethnology and folkloristic in Turku University. Finnish mythology and nature plays great role in her novels as do emotions and relationships, loneliness, and feeling different from others. She is well-versed in the imagery of Finnish nature, folklore, and […]

Creatures from the Dusk (Hämärtäjät)

Joona and Lari are twins. One day their mother goes on a business trip. Their neighbour is going to take care of the twins, but she is not at their home all the time. Joona has an interesting video game going on, so he doesn’t notice when his twin sister simply disappears! Bad omens are […]

Mervi Heikkilä

Mervi Heikkilä (s.1974) is a multifaceted fantasy writer. She writes mainly for children and young adults, but also short stories for adults. In her stories Heikkilä likes to combine Finnish folklore and realism. Her stories can also be situated in a weird, mythical world with witches, old Finnish gods and supernatural animals. Her characters often […]

Mervi Heikkilä: The Girl from Boreal Brook

The Girl from Boreal Brook: Tales from the Isle of Aijal, Book 1 (Revonpuro) Enchanting fantasy adventure combines Northern myths and a heartfelt coming of age story of a temperamental girl who lives in the untamed forests of magical Aijali where witches, leprachauns and other more dangerous creatures still roam. This enchanting fantasy adventure combines […]

Covenant of Louhi (Louhi-sarja)

Reviewers` take on Louhi series: ” This is an eventful fantasy novel that draws from Kalevala tradition and Finnish mythology in a fresh way.” – Kirsi Hietanen, Kirsin kirjanurkka ”Louhi-series maintains its catching quality of prose even in the third part of the series: the emotional roller coasters of adolescence, self-knowledge, and changing relationships with […]

Kirsti Kuronen

“I love playing, games, bad jokes and silly things. I never want to get cynical. I’m a fake adult, and happy about that.” Kirsti Kuronen (b. 1966) is a versatiled Finnish author who has written more than 20 novels and poetry books, mainly for young people. She started her career with popular series of books for […]

Kirsti Kuronen: Chick (Pönttö)

the pains and fears of growing up, including themes of sexuality and identity. Written with the intimacy of a diary, readers bear witness to Luna’s anxieties and vulnerabilities but also learn of her love of photography and birds.   “Chick” was nominated for the Topelius Prize 2018, and received a Punni Honorary Award 2018. An English […]

Bad Patch (Paha puuska)

“Bad Patch” is a verse novel that deals with the topics of suicide and grief. The story is told by Hilla, a teenaged girl whose younger brother jumped in front of a train. She tries to find a reason for her brother’s incomprehensible act. Was his suicide her fault? Did her brother really want to […]

Pirouette Friends (Piruettiystävyys)

The Topelius Prize winner “Pirouette Friends” is an honest and heartfelt novel about 14-year-old Elli’s pressures to excel in ballet, school, among her friends, and at home. Elli’s best friend Margot is the mystery of the story. She is perfect at everything – but is she real? The Spanish translation of “Pirouette Friends” (Tal y […]

J.S. Meresmaa

J.S. Meresmaa (b. 1983) is a Finnish author who writes science fiction, fantasy and other speculative fiction. Her latest work, steampunk novella ”Naakkamestari” (The Jackdaw Master) won a competition by a publisher Robustos. The story is set in an alternate history Tampere, in year 1900 when Finland was under Russian rule. ”The Jackdaw Master” is […]

J. S. Meresmaa: Twilight Rays (Hämäränsäteet)

”True bravery is daring to try even though you’re afraid.” Espionage, alternate history, and an animistic spirit world in early twentieth-century Finland. Säde and Anttoni, two young Ursines, use false papers to travel to Imatra in eastern Finland. A new hotel has just opened there—a handsome, castlelike stone building named the Grand Hôtel Cascade. The […]

The Jackdaw Master (Naakkamestari)

A touching and vivid story that begins The Ursine Affairs Trilogy! From a review: ”The story begins as a historical novel but starts to formulate fantastical and alternative elements the further it develops. Between the narration parts there are newspaper clippings inspired by the actual articles and adverts published in Aamulehti newspaper of the time, […]