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Tapani Bagge

Tapani Bagge has published over 40 books. Among them, there are six crime novels, two short story collections and numerous books for children and the young. He has also written some radio plays, a few television series and several comic scripts.

Bagge’s crime novels and stories are hard-boiled and noir, with plenty of black comedy. His closest counterparts are Donald Westlake, Elmore Leonard and Chester Himes, with a bit of Jim Thompson thrown in. For the children Bagge writes stories with warm and sometimes absurd humor.

Bagge has received multiple awards, most recently the Clew of the Year Award of The Finnish Whodunnit Society in 2007 for his novel Musta taivas (Black Sky). Musta taivas was also the Finnish candidate for the Nordic Glass Key Award in 2008.



- Deep Sleep
Short story from the short story collection The Face in the Concrete (2007)
Translation by Minna K. Haapio

- Black Sky
Opening of the novel Black Sky (2006)
Translation by Minna K. Haapio

Tapani Bagge



- Musta pyörre (2012)
- Sininen aave (2011)
- Kasvot katuojassa (2011)
- Kasvot tuulilasissa (2011)
- Valkoinen hehku (2009)
- Kummisedän hautajaiset (2008)
- Kasvot betonissa (2007)
- Musta taivas (2006)
- Julma maa (2005)
- Kohtalon tähti (2004)
- Paha kuu (2003)
- Puhaltaja (2002)