Authors and books

Mervi Heikkilä

Mervi Heikkilä (s.1974) is a multifaceted fantasy writer. She writes mainly for children and young adults, but also short stories for adults. In her stories Heikkilä likes to combine Finnish folklore and realism. Her stories can also be situated in a weird, mythical world with witches, old Finnish gods and supernatural animals. Her characters often […]

Kirsti Kuronen

“I love playing, games, bad jokes and silly things. I never want to get cynical. I’m a fake adult, and happy about that.” Kirsti Kuronen (b. 1966) is a versatiled Finnish author who has written more than 20 novels and poetry books, mainly for young people. She started her career with popular series of books for […]

J.S. Meresmaa

J.S. Meresmaa (b. 1983) is a Finnish author who writes science fiction, fantasy and other speculative fiction. Her latest work, steampunk novella ”Naakkamestari” (The Jackdaw Master) won a competition by a publisher Robustos. The story is set in an alternate history Tampere, in year 1900 when Finland was under Russian rule. ”The Jackdaw Master” is […]

Bad Patch (Paha puuska)

”Kirsti Kuronen’s latest book is a combination of a novel and a poem. It tells the story of Hilla, whose younger brother, Lauri, has killed himself by laying down on the tracks and letting a train run over him. Hilla cannot understand why, as neither a message nor any apparent reason is found. Hilla continues […]

Pirouette Friends (Piruettiystävyys)

”This book is important and delicate, and the diary excerpts are as whimsical as diaries can be when they are precious.” – Sini Kiuas, Sanojen aika ”[…] the book is full of elegance and all kinds of feelings. Kuronen depicts the insecurity and anxiety of a young girl in a balanced way.” – Marja Welin, […]

The Jackdaw Master (Naakkamestari)

A touching and vivid story that begins The Ursine Affairs Trilogy! From a review: ”The story begins as a historical novel but starts to formulate fantastical and alternative elements the further it develops. Between the narration parts there are newspaper clippings inspired by the actual articles and adverts published in Aamulehti newspaper of the time, […]

Covenant of Louhi (Louhi-sarja)

Reviewers` take on Louhi series: ” This is an eventful fantasy novel that draws from Kalevala tradition and Finnish mythology in a fresh way.” – Kirsi Hietanen, Kirsin kirjanurkka ”Louhi-series maintains its catching quality of prose even in the third part of the series: the emotional roller coasters of adolescence, self-knowledge, and changing relationships with […]